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Each client is unique and each project is unique. However, there are times you could profit by Off-the-shelf products, otherwise known as, Turnkey Solutions. Novaya gives a few Turnkey Solutions which could help you rapidly address your product needs and take it to your clients in no time.We give an entire software implementation process, beginning with software design and development, software quality assurance testing, software deployment, further software upgrades and enhancements.

Your needs are unique. So look to a developer with mastery building custom solutions that reflect complex abilities in a basic way. Our turnkey software development expertise ranges from building component parts of a system to finish, prepared to utilize solutions. With ability in legacy development and deployment models, our team can expand the life of software systems that are never again upheld and integrate them with contemporary data and applications.

Our Turnkey Solutions

Turnkey solutions are specifically tailored to meet customers needs and combine and integrate varying elements and aspects of Computer Infrastructure Solutions and Application Software Solutions.

Web App Testing Automation

Novaya has built up a system which can be utilized to automate the testing for any web application. The integration takes under two days and we can start automating your site from third day. The framework is easy to the point that anybody with no programming learning can without much of a stretch use it to automate web applications. The framework has been utilized on a few sites up until this point and spared loads of time and money for our clients.

Mobile App Testing Automation

Mobile testing isn't a region that can be messed with. There are so 100s of gadgets generally utilized in the market with well over dozen operating systems from iOS and Android and also different screen resolutions. In any case, look no further, Novaya has built a framework that enables you to test your versatile mobile application in a brief timeframe. The framework supports iOS and Android. We have utilized it to test over 20+ applications and it gave a huge client experience.

Some of the Turn-key plugins created by Novaya are:

  • Authentication and Authorization
  • Facebook/Google/LinkedIn Integration
  • oAuth2.0/SSO/SAML Implementation
  • APNS/GSM/FCM based Push Notification Implementation
  • Audio recording on mobile apps
  • Chat implementation
  • Image editing on Mobile Apps

How We Help

From product conceptualization to designing turnkey systems and turnkey project development, our abilities are all encompassing. We take the burden off your shoulders by satisfying your complex business and technical needs. Three main benefits of our Turnkey solutions are:

Extends the life of software systems

With state-of-the-art turnkey systems and equipment we provide enhanced flexibility and adeptness. We make an update once, providing you freedom from continuous management and saving you money you may have lost from unwanted competitor renewal costs.

Integrate old applications with new ones

With up-to-date control systems and equipment we are able to upgrade older machines with enhanced flexibility and efficiency. By combining multiple advanced tools we improve usability and save you money on other licenses as ours are all in one.

Tight collaboration between teams

Easy integration between our team, our client’s development team and other key stakeholders allows for improved communication and increased productivity. This means no more working in silos, and reduced training costs across departments, as all teams can collaborate seamlessly within our single advanced tool. With Novaya's Turnkey Development you receive better analytics too, which as a result leads to improved decision-making.

Evaluate your Business

Our methodology is remarkable and productive. Initial, a specialist group assesses the requirements of a business via cautiously displaying the work process and remaining task at hand. In view of the outstanding burden, the PC foundation needs are mapped and best esteem and quality items sourced.

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