Augmented Scrum Teams

Novaya Staff Augmentation services help you get most qualified and experience resource on the job

Novaya Staff Augmentation administrations engages you in inspiring qualified and experienced faculty to suit your requirements working just for you from our working environments. It is a perfect technique to accomplish your uncommon or occasional undertakings without including an lasting staff. Novaya is focused around giving client driven administrations that are significantly fruitful and give straightforwardness without no covered costs and out of pocket costs or extra charges.

Benefits of Staff Augmentation

Cost Effectiveness

Through Staff Augmentation you will enlist a FTE or virtual staff with no compelling reason to setup a costly office place, pay for leaves or vacations, health benefits, travel cost, employment taxes, and so on.

Direct Access

You have guide access to these resources and can directly allocate work to them. Working with our resources would be actually similar to working with your very own employees. You can educate our resources on your processes and reporting methodologies and the same would be followed.

Time Efficient

Our virtual staff are devoted to you and will have expertise and experience in their respective fields. They are time bound people, progressing in the direction of meeting your business needs.

IP Protection

We work on "work for hire basis" and therefore all intellectual property or copyrights of the work done by such resources would remain with you.

Staff Augmentation Services

  • Dedicated PHP Programmers
  • Dedicated HTML/HTML5 Web Developers
  • Dedicated Microsoft SQL DBA
  • Dedicated Search Link Builders
  • Dedicated Graphic Design Resources

Reasons to try Staff Augmentation

Over the last 5 years, we’ve worked with many clients to augment their teams based on very different needs. Here are common reasons that companies have signed up for our staff augmentation services.

You want to accelerate your growth

For example, a Fortune 500 retail client originally require a team to help with a small project being managed internally. When that project grow into a much bigger project with an aggressive schedule, the client requires an additional resources to accelerate the project timeline. Through our staff augmentation services we offer an additional team members, with different specialized skills to support the project. In this way the client can keep the project moving forward, despite the increased scope, without disruption.

You need to fill a void after team member turnover

Many clients lose team members for various reasons during the course of a project. While they search for permanent replacements, they can leverage our team members to fill the void. We’ve also helped our clients perform interviews and find the right talent for permanent positions — along with providing training and knowledge transfer once they came on board.

Your short-term needs change

As mobile app development projects gather velocity, it’s common for schedules to deviate because of unknowns. For example when a client is planning a simultaneous launch of apps for both iOS and Android but the Android app, with some unforeseen challenges, had fallen behind by a few weeks. We easily were able to add more on-demand Android engineering talent to accelerate development — and get the project back on track. Staff augmentation allows you to increase or decrease the team you need with relative ease — and you only get billed for the time you use.

You need specialized expertise, but not a full-time 'person'

As technologies evolve, we know that it can be difficult to keep up with the entire ecosystem of mobile technologies. Our team, designers and mobile strategists have a diverse skill set and are always learning new technologies. If a problem comes up during the course of a project that an internal team can’t resolve, you don’t need another person. You need an answer — and chances are that someone on our team has it. With over 5 years experience, you can be sure there’s no technical challenge we haven’t seen and solved already. When you work with anyone at Novaya, you have the institutional knowledge and the passion of the entire company behind them.

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